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I did a new kind of video just the other day. Well “new” as in “new to me” not “so amazingly revolutionary that it hasn’t once ever been seen before…video”. This video was both collaborative (which I haven’t done much), was based on footage I recorded off the PS3, and was a walk-through guide. I’ve wanted to try doing a guide for a while but haven’t had the time or the substantial interest in any particular game to do it for. Thankfully, my co-op partner and I in Borderlands 2 may be among a very few people to find a glitch strategy for one of the super-bosses that allows you to get underneath his arena  That or everyone knows about it just doesn’t talk about it at all on the internet. Either way it was fun to go into some new video-making ground yesterday.

Hey, follower! Yea you! Look there’s new post from your old pal. I’m here to briefly (I lied this is not a brief post looking back) show you a screen shot of the work-space behind the new fan trailer I just released today for Darksiders II. As the purpose of these screenshots is to give some insight on what the hell I’m actually doing (usually I don’t know) I will do that right now.

So in this trailer I tried diligently, but with little success, to use the audio from the original game trailers to, you know, have sound effects and junk. Unfortunately that didn’t work out and as I lack professional fantasy/apocalyptic/scythe-magic/whatever audio packs adding in effects for each shot was an unlikely option. So in an effort to have the trailer come off as professional-ish-y I had to sync the shit out of the footage to the music as best as I could. Ideally, if you go check out the finish product the music acts rather well, in my opinion, as “sound effects” for the actions on screen.

Regardless, I did a few other things in this trailer as well. While I didn’t make the text myself, this was the first time I’ve ever used text in a trailer to create the, for a lack of a better term, “trailer narrative” unlike the voice-overs I did in the Arkham City Trailer. So that stuff was both new and a learning experience. As for other new and weird things, I did more layers of video tracks than I have before. It was only 2 layer tracks for 2 different segments but I’ve never really used transparent….”parent” layers before. In this case I used transparency (as opposed to a cross-fade) on Death’s mask in the beginning as I felt it gave it a better look than just a cross-fade could do. I also used that same shot but reversed at the end of the trailer to give that slightly visible shot of Death’s mask at the end of the trailer as well (I thought that was pretty cool but hey it was more than likely stupid haha). Aside from that I also did very quick fade-to-black using the Brightness and Contrast animation on a few shots in the video as well. I feel they provided a more interesting transition than a fade-out or cut-to-black could.

That is all for now. Here’s a link to the final product if you’d like to see it.


I hope to have other content out soon. Thanks!

I realized I haven’t posted in a while which is something I hope to fix soon. I apologize to the few followers I have who probably don’t even realize I haven’t posted in a while. So I will start my presence back up once again on an overly depressing note (because that’s how you make people like you!).

This is a fantastic and unfortunately sad song composed by Hans Zimmer. He made it honor of the victims in that shooting everyone has likely heard about at this point. I’m not trying to prolong the focus on unfortunate current events by posting this (I know everyone else will do a great job of that without my help anyway) but I felt it was worth sharing nonetheless. Also, try not to steal this song as money from its purchases will go to help the victims. 

That is all. Now go on purchase the song, enjoy it, then go on with your life instead of clogging up the internet with depressing subject matter as I will go do now as well. Or you could go take this song and simply change the font of the text and post it to YouTube and shamelessly get a ridiculous amount of views. That will work too.

Just so you know, the majority of this post is pretty much absent of any editing related technical stuff and mostly just me ranting about my various irrational concerns of my work. If emotions are not your forte then I would recommend looking at the image, soaking it in, and then proceeding on with your day/night/whatever.

Well, among a whole mess of other “lets get internet famous” things I did today I actually worked a bit more on that Mass Effect 2 Fan Trailer. If you care to take the time find and compare the previous screen shot you’ll see very little has changed. Which is indeed true that very little has changed but I’m beginning to get a better feel for how to go about creating this trailer. But this has been, and will probably remain, a very slow process.

For whatever reason this trailer I am struggling a little bit with this trailer compared to the previous 3 other fan trailers I’ve made. In fact, all of those past trailers except this one have taken me about 1 week or less to complete while ME2 I have been doing on and off (mostly off) since early in the year even before Tribble Crossing was created. It could be I’m psyching myself out of making the trailer because of how good I want it to be. It also could be the pacing of this song is different than any other I’ve really used before. The song I’ve been working with is this song called “Mythos" by Brand X Music. While I know I want to use the majority of the last half of the song, I have been messing with the beginning a ton and trying to make it flow well. I had the whole song in the trailer, then I cut out 30 seconds, 13 seconds, and a bunch of other seconds and I still can’t seem to satisfy myself. 

Perhaps I’m bothered by the scale of this project compared to ones in the past. As you may have seen (actually, you probably didn’t see it) I have made posts in the past about large footage recording session of ME2. I’ve recorded pretty much all the major and minor cut scenes of any kind the game has had since the beginning. All I have left is a few companion quests and then the final sequences of the game. In all honesty, I could probably get away with just recording the main cut scenes of the game and be fine with footage but I have had this compulsion to get all I can so I don’t miss anything amazingly awesome (I have yet to really find anything amazingly awesome). I will admit, doing the Spartacus Fan Trailer for that contest was pretty good practice since that also required me to go and sift through the entire series to find the best footage and not just remix what the trailers used. Granted, that was only about 6 or so hours of footage for a 1 minute max video, but still helpful.

Regardless, I will continue my work on this trailer and hopefully figure out or get past whatever it is that is making me hesitant to work on it. Although I probably won’t live up to this deadline like the numerous others I’ve set in the past I would like do get this trailer done before the end of the year. Knowing me though I will probably get distracted with some other random project and not touch this trailer again for another month haha.

Thanks for reading my rant. I apologize for the boredom you must be feeling at this time.

GAAAAAH! I just saw how long this post got. Damn, I don’t remember writng that much. I can only imagine how many grammatical errors there are in this.

Some Small Changes (…I ended up discussing again)

Well I’m pretty excited for doing tonight’s next Trailer Trash recording which will begin in a few hours. For one, we weren’t really able to record for the past two weeks mostly on account that my voice was crap and probably because we’re all lazy. But the biggest reason I’m pumped is that this time we’re trying a few new things this episode. 

While writing this I remembered I already eluded to these facts in an earlier post. Instead of repeating all that fun stuff again I’ll just abruptly conclude with “Wish us luck, hopefully this will be a nice improvement to the Trailer Trash series

This coming week’s video (or this week’s video if you’re on of those “the week starts on Sunday” people [wierdo]) will be of Michael Bay’s Trailer for Need for Speed: The Run. Although the game already came out a little bit ago, the video game industry kind of blew most of the big name releases in the past few months so we really can’t be too picky at this point haha.

Trailer Trash Delayed

There was no recording for Trailer Trash this past Sunday, unfortunately. The main reason was I have had a fantabulous cold since last Thursday and my voice, as I’ve bee told, sounds “like that of a pedophile…or smooth jazz radio DJ”. I don’t know if I or pedophiles should be more offended (Atta’ boy self, make pedophile jokes on an editing blog that will rake followers in) by that statement really. 

However, not everything in this post will be terrible news. We are going to record Trailer Trash again a week from this coming Sunday, but this time we’re planning on changing the format of the video a little bit. Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at the videos we’ve done and have been trying to figure out ways to improve them in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I like a fair amount of what we’re doing but I still feel like maybe we can maybe make this series stand out a little more and get a little funnier. One of the biggest current problems we’ve noticed is that a lot of times we feel that if we were to edit video a little more we could benefit a fair amount from it. For one, we would could pause the video and then be able to fit more jokes and dwell on some rather funny or interesting aspects of the trailer that you may not notice just on the initial viewing. We also could edit in some other jokes as well. For example, for the MW3 trailer I could have put in an explosion counter in the video and we could have made a joke off that.

I don’t intend to make the original trailer we trash into something it’s not with this more “excessive” form of editing we plan on doing, but I would like to be able to make the series as funny as possible (that is making the large assumption that we are, in fact, funny which is still very much up for debate). I guess to summarize my rather non-nonsensical description of our ideas, we intend to go a more “trailer analysis” route. You may have seen some of these types of videos before where the people really breakdown what’s going on. We intend to do something like that except strictly only focus on comedic elements of trailers because, let’s be honest, there are a lot of ridiculous games with a lot of ridiculous trailers out there that go un-scrutinized (citation needed).

So thanks to all the subscribers and viewers who bear (bare? No, bear…) with us while we still fumble about trying to make Trailer Trash into a better series. Hopefully you will find us entertaining in the near future if you haven’t yet (maybe someone has).

New Trailer Trash you could totally check out if you wanted to. Yep, just 1 click away from checking out this video and only 1 more click away from disliking it after that. Hope you all enjoy!

Here’s the workspace screenshot for Modern Warfare 3. Much like the video, this post is also rather late but here none the less. This trailer was also quite short, which is a shame because I felt we had a lot of decent material to say. I just kind of wanted to leave the screen black and let us continue talking for another 2 minutes so I could get the rest of it in. Unfortunately that would have been rather strange. Instead, I had originally planned on doing two MW3 Trailers back to back but later we decided not to since they’re essentially the same thing just one is 30 seconds shorter. Also, this game only has 4 real trailers (gameplay trailer not included) 2 of which are just a green sound-wave thing that changes into sort-of-shapes near the end. 

Aside from the thousands of explosions in the trailer there really isn’t too much else worth mentioning about it (my ears are still bleeding and loud noises haunt my dreams now). Standard audio envelope adjustments when were not talking and just splicing audio clips together.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles…I’m pretty sure Jim Carrey says that line in a movie I can’t remember at all.

Hey people! Here is the probably not funny Trailer Trash of Modern Warfare 3. I apologize for it being a few days late. Although, I’m not that apologetic since no one probably would have been aware this video is late until I said that it was late. Regardless, have fun and go hate me!

O yea! Here’s that video I spent a page and half discussing in that previous post. Hope you like it!….but you don’t have to!

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