What Happens In Vegas...

Here is this rather late screenshot of the Arkham City Trailer Trash. This trailer we did was the shortest one we’ve done so far. It was only about 2 minutes long and we had a surprisingly large amount of content that was pretty good for the takes we did. However, most of our jokes we ended up doing were absurdly long in duration so I only could barely fit a lot of them in. Aside from the hockey pads joke in the middle, all the other jokes are just a part of the “Joker and Batman going on a date” joke or the “Batman is fucking insane, too” joke. One of these over-arching jokes was almost 75% of a take in length so I had to cut them down just to make them work. Honestly, this Trailer Trash video felt, for obvious reasons, much more rushed than the other videos we’ve done previously. However, I’d rather have a video with somewhat rushed jokes as opposed to just a video with no one talking half the time. Eh, whatever.

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