What Happens In Vegas...

Here are some screenshots from the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Fan Trailer I finished earlier today. It was weird working on content for something that involved non-video game footage since I haven’t done that in quite some time, but this video was a for fan trailer contest. Regardless, making this trailer was kind of a learning experience for me. The contest rules stated that this trailer had to be 15-60 seconds long maximum. The only other trailers I’ve ever made haven’t really been under any sort of rules or time restraints. This was an initially frustrating challenge, but ultimately was a helpful one in the end. 

Furthermore, this trailer had to be made with all non-licensed material so that meant my music choices dropped to what I could use with Pro Scores. Also, sound effects became only a use as need sort of situation. Thankfully, most of the sound effects I needed came from the original footage of the show since the scenes I used didn’t have many overbearing background sounds or other distracting things.

I think the part of this I was most proud of was that I spent about an hour trying to make it so I could remove the word “fucking” from one of the lines in this trailer. That was a very large pain in the ass, but I think I eventually got it. The last line said had originally went something like “and that man will be from the fucking house of (Latin name here)”. Problem is that the rules seemed to suggest profanity was a no-no so I just did my best to get rid of it. 

Ultimatly, this was a rather interesting trailer to make. I really have surprised myself over the last few weeks because I’ve actually forced myself to work diligently on projects I want to finish in a timely fashion. It hasn’t been easy though since Batman: Arkham City came out I’ve been tempted to play it on “Plus” mode ever since I beat it haha (Also, Payday: The Heist came out and that was also fun). Not only that but I’ve had many outside people also requesting for me to play games which, I’ve really wanted to do, but I just really want to get this stuff done sooner so that I don’t have to worry about finishing them later.

I’ve typed for far too long. I apologize for that but I’m still not sure exactly WHAT I should be covering when typing this stuff anyway. Until that time comes I will just type about what comes to my head first (it seems to have worked so far).

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