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Just so you know, the majority of this post is pretty much absent of any editing related technical stuff and mostly just me ranting about my various irrational concerns of my work. If emotions are not your forte then I would recommend looking at the image, soaking it in, and then proceeding on with your day/night/whatever.

Well, among a whole mess of other “lets get internet famous” things I did today I actually worked a bit more on that Mass Effect 2 Fan Trailer. If you care to take the time find and compare the previous screen shot you’ll see very little has changed. Which is indeed true that very little has changed but I’m beginning to get a better feel for how to go about creating this trailer. But this has been, and will probably remain, a very slow process.

For whatever reason this trailer I am struggling a little bit with this trailer compared to the previous 3 other fan trailers I’ve made. In fact, all of those past trailers except this one have taken me about 1 week or less to complete while ME2 I have been doing on and off (mostly off) since early in the year even before Tribble Crossing was created. It could be I’m psyching myself out of making the trailer because of how good I want it to be. It also could be the pacing of this song is different than any other I’ve really used before. The song I’ve been working with is this song called “Mythos" by Brand X Music. While I know I want to use the majority of the last half of the song, I have been messing with the beginning a ton and trying to make it flow well. I had the whole song in the trailer, then I cut out 30 seconds, 13 seconds, and a bunch of other seconds and I still can’t seem to satisfy myself. 

Perhaps I’m bothered by the scale of this project compared to ones in the past. As you may have seen (actually, you probably didn’t see it) I have made posts in the past about large footage recording session of ME2. I’ve recorded pretty much all the major and minor cut scenes of any kind the game has had since the beginning. All I have left is a few companion quests and then the final sequences of the game. In all honesty, I could probably get away with just recording the main cut scenes of the game and be fine with footage but I have had this compulsion to get all I can so I don’t miss anything amazingly awesome (I have yet to really find anything amazingly awesome). I will admit, doing the Spartacus Fan Trailer for that contest was pretty good practice since that also required me to go and sift through the entire series to find the best footage and not just remix what the trailers used. Granted, that was only about 6 or so hours of footage for a 1 minute max video, but still helpful.

Regardless, I will continue my work on this trailer and hopefully figure out or get past whatever it is that is making me hesitant to work on it. Although I probably won’t live up to this deadline like the numerous others I’ve set in the past I would like do get this trailer done before the end of the year. Knowing me though I will probably get distracted with some other random project and not touch this trailer again for another month haha.

Thanks for reading my rant. I apologize for the boredom you must be feeling at this time.

GAAAAAH! I just saw how long this post got. Damn, I don’t remember writng that much. I can only imagine how many grammatical errors there are in this.

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